Waiting For A Love (Sam Purkin / Warren Hill / Byron De Lear)

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Composed by Warren Hill, Sam Purkin & Byron De Lear
Artist: Warren Hill
Album: Kiss Under The Moon

Lead Vocals: Byron De Lear
Alto Sax: Warren Hill
Keyboards & Drum Programming: Byron De Lear
Piano & Additional Keyboards: Hans Zermuehlen
Guitar: Byron De Lear
Bass: Matthew Gerrard
Cymbals: Michael Barsimanto
Trumpet: Lee Thronburg
Trombone: Tom Whaley
Background Vocals: Portia Griffin, Jennifer Westmoreland & Byron De Lear

Produced by Byron De Lear and Warren Hill
Additional Production: Sam Purkin
Released June 1991
Label: Novus/RCA Records

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